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「渋谷猫張り子」(通称:しぶねこ / 渋猫)はアーティストの吉田朗が制作した作品です。

渋谷・新宮下公園等整備事業で開業したホテル「Sequence MIYASHITA PARK」内「SOAK」に設置するために依頼を受けて制作され、2020年4月に完成しました。同店舗のオープン後、「渋谷猫張り子」はメディアでも頻繁に紹介されました。



2023年2月23日  –  吉田朗の作品に対して行われた著作権の侵害、無断改変された作品の公開等の問題について。

2023年3月1日 – 吉田朗・作「渋谷猫張り子」改変事件に関する補足と、署名活動へのご協力のお願い







In August 2019, the artist, Akira Yoshida, was commissioned to create a work to be installed in SOAK within sequence MIYASHITA PARK, a hotel scheduled to open the following year as part of the Shibuya Shin Miyashita Park development project. The work was completed in April 2020 and installed as Shibuya Neko Hariko.

The work was created using a maneki neko (beckoning cat) as the motif, with the hope that it would form a pair with Shibuya’s symbol, the Hachiko statue. The work combines traditional Japanese motifs such as the Hinomaru flag and kesho mawashi (a sumo wrestler’s ceremonial apron) with contemporary forms, and also carries the word “Shibuya” on its back.

After the opening of SOAKShibuya Neko Hariko was frequently used to promote the bar, including in many interviews from the media.

However, on September 2, 2022, we noticed in a post on SOAK’s Instagram account that the work was on display with drastic changes to its appearance.

In spite of our efforts nearly half year, our negotiation with Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., the owner of “Shibuya Neko Hariko” did not work well at all. Therefore on March 1, 2023, we started our petition to request Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., to undertake the following actions:

・Promptly return the work to the author.
・Return the ownership of the work—that has been stored in the owner’s warehouse with its unauthorized alterations and has become a worthless artefact—to the author.

Thanks to over 10,000 signatures we collected via change.org, “Shibuya Neko Hariko” and its ownership have been finally returned from Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., to the author, Akira Yoshida on the 12th of April, 2023.

We couldn’t have achieved this without your signatures and truly appreciate your support to us.

The copyright infringement case of the artwork unfortunately has not been solved at all yet.

Although we still have to fight for it, this is a huge step for the artist to restore “Shibuya Neko Hariko” and move forward with the case.

We will keep you updated on this case including the restoration process of the artwork on this website, and would be grateful if you could stay informed and engaged on this matter.

Thank you!

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